In 2011, WTS was commissioned by Tourism Malaysia to undertake a restoration of Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah.

Through 6 months of extensive research and curation, WTS reconstructed the lower floor drawing room and William Kellie Smith’s personal parlour. We managed to source for colonial antiques of Indian and Moorish inspiration and other materials consistent with the era. We also adhered to construction methodologies of the period for added authenticity.

The reconstruction also included the design and construction of an information gallery for the museum portion of the complex.


Kellie’s Castle is an architectural wonder of early 20th century British colonial design at an immense scale unheard of during its construction. Built by self-made rubber plantation magnate William Kellie Smith as his estate mansion, it was left uncompleted after his death in 1926 from pneumonia. Today, it is a key tourist attraction for visitors to Perak.